My Chapter Is Written

When Death Seals Our Fate


They say that when a man is facing death, his entire life comes to him in a flashback. They say it’s a bittersweet moment, if not haunting. Suddenly, vivid scenes of the past and of unfulfilled aspirations start reeling in. He gets to review how his life turned out: How he played as a kid and whom he played with. How he acted as a child to his parents and as a friend to others. How he excelled and how he messed up. How he made his biggest decisions and how he upheld them.


He recalls the times he cowered in the face of adversity and the times he was brave enough to stand on his own and conquer them all. The times he felt that the world was his for the taking and the times he felt it was against him.


He is satisfied but then again, as the flashback goes further, the regrets start coming in. The list of what-ifs and “if only’s” starts getting longer. And he begins to wonder how his family, his friends, and the world will remember him—if he was ever worth remembering. But it may be too late to change anything now, so he accepts that these will have to be buried with him in his grave.


They say that death is a time to grieve. But if most people could only see it for what it is, it is also a time to rejoice. In my poem, “My Chapter is Written,” I wrote:


Maybe it is customary that you must cry,

But let it be known that isn’t the way to say bye.


Death takes the man to meet the giver of his life. No longer will he suffer in the cruel realities the world created for he will thrive on the Promised Land, where the river of life flows eternally. It is indeed a time for tears. They don’t necessarily have to be tears of grief, but they can be of joy.


The world is full of every man’s stories. And they don’t go unrecorded. These stories are being documented and written as chapters in the “book of life.” It is a book where man’s stories go for the world to remember.


They say that when one is facing death, one’s chapter in the book of life is also nearing its end, but maybe, just maybe, another chapter is unfolding. Nevertheless, they hope that their chapter would be one of impact and of passion. They can only hope so as they face their end.


How would you like your chapter to be written? Share your thoughts on the comments section below. Also, check out my latest anthology, Poems from the Sand II.

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