When I Reach the Red Sea

What Living Really Means


We are in constant search for our purpose in life. We are obsessed with finding the right answers to our existential questions. We are, by nature, insecure beings who long to be something bigger than ourselves. So the world tries to conjure up answers to our questions. And we test these answers only to end up feeling as if we have settled for less. We end up never realizing our true purpose because we made the wrong choices, never knowing what living really means.


This has been our dilemma since the beginning. And sadly, the world, despite its effort to help solve this problem, only continues to blur the right answers. As a result, we are challenged to try and find the right choice among several ones. Often, the choices we make reflect our purpose in life. If we don’t know our true purpose, we fail to make the wrong choices. The wrong choices will lead us astray, and at some point, we become hopeless.


First, we must find the answers we need to learn of our purpose. Fortunately, we don’t need to search far and wide to find them. Often, a creation needs only to look to the creator to learn of its purpose. We are all parts of God’s grand creation. We only need to look onto our Creator. When we begin asking Him our questions, we find that He is more than willing to reveal the answers to us. We also discover that the Lord gives different purposes to each creation, and while our purposes may vary, they have one common core—glorifying God.


As we begin to pursue God, we discover the one true purpose he gave us before we ever came to be. We discover who He meant us to be. And since God is the great God, the purpose He gave us will also prove to be great. Our God-given purpose will require us sacrifices and make the right choices.


Our pursuit of God will certainly lead us to the Red Sea, which symbolizes the turning points we will eventually reach in our pursuit of fulfilling our God-given purpose. We will find ourselves stuck at the shores with seemingly no way of moving forward. This is the point in our lives when we prove to the world and to ourselves that we are confident in our purpose and our resolve to make the right choices is unwavering.


So when we keep the faith, we will find that the Red Sea is not a dead end but a turning point. Just like how Moses stood at its shores, challenged to make a choice—to surrender to the murderous Egyptian army closing in on them or to move forward as God told him to. At that time, Moses must have thought surrendering to the army was a far greater choice if he wanted to spare his life and those of his people. Surely, there was no way he could lead his people to cross the Red Sea, not without drowning to death. But Moses chose to call onto God and asked him to lead him to make the right choice. He chose what aligned with his purpose of leading God’s people out of Egypt’s bondage. And the Red Sea parted. They safely crossed and finally escaped Egypt’s hold over them. Moses and his people were finally free to live out their God-given purpose.


When I finally reach the Red Sea, I’m hoping that God will decide to speak to me. (Excerpt from Poems of the Sand II)


When we find ourselves facing our own red sea, we ought to call on to God and ask him to lead us to make the right choice. As we face several alternative, we ought to know which ones are aligned with our purpose. Our choices are made great not in the face of no options at all but in the midst of countless options. When we start making the right choices according to the purpose our Lord gave us, we start realizing what living really means—glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.


How about you? What are the red seas you are facing today? Let’s discuss on the comments section below or send me a tweet @CarlBusbySr. Also, read more of my poems by purchasing my second book anthology, Poems From The Sand II.

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