What Awaits the Graduates

Welcome to the real world, graduate.


Graduating from college is perhaps one of the best highlights in our lives. It is, after all, the mark of the end of a chapter and the start of a new one.


Let’s put this in the perspective of all graduates, especially the young ladies. They are all eager to find a job and hustle, but pause for a second and ask this one question: are you ready to take on the challenges of the real world?


Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. However, know that the corporate world operates differently from what they’re used to.


Perhaps, one of the advantages of being young ladies who recently graduated is the innocence in the ways of the world. Some may take this as ignorance, yet it is not necessarily so. Because they have such unrestrained views of the world, many of them are so eager to put themselves out into the world.


After all, what is the use of all those years of studying if they wouldn’t be able to apply it in real life?


Young ladies may want to particularly test themselves whether they have prepared enough for the challenges life will so readily throw at them. This may be one of the reasons hiring managers will want fresh graduates. Their enormous drive to get things done is refreshing.


However, the world is not a perfect one. It is not what it seems. Sooner or later, ideals will be shattered.


Most will be disheartened at this fact. Maybe, their first job did not exactly live up to their visions, to their values, to their beliefs. They may even think of quitting at this early stage.

As a great man once said, it’s not about never having a fall,

He said that you don’t have to succumb and stay there at all. (An excerpt from Poems from the Sand II)


The key to surviving is to keep going on. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes are made, no one is keeping tabs anyway. What is important is to persist in picking up the shattered pieces.


It also helps to think that we are not alone in life. True, there may be times it can be hard to think of that especially when battling through toxic thoughts. But know that we have friends and family ready to help. Just remember to identify the people we truly trust to share your deepest problems and secrets, as not everyone will be the right person to confide in.


As a proud learner, you strive every day to do your best,

Your excellent learner skills excels you above the rest. (An excerpt from Poems from the Sand II)


Though the future seems uncertain now, remember to always do give our best every day. Congratulations for graduating, young lady.


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