How to Be a Part of The Few

What does it mean to be a part of the chosen few?


the few


Matthew 22:14 says that “many are called, but few are chosen.” Does this mean that God only calls certain people? Jesus often used parables to teach his disciples. Let’s look at a parable that will help you understand what Jesus meant when He referred to the few.

In Matthew 22, Jesus tells the Parable of the Marriage Feast. In this parable, the king invited people to his son’s wedding, but they did not come. The king invited them again, hoping for a different outcome, but the result was the same. Those invited made light of it, and some reacted violently. The king brought judgment to those that rejected him. The king then sent his servants out to invite everyone to his son’s wedding banquet so that he could fill the wedding hall. During the banquet, the king casts out a wedding guest who was not wearing a wedding garment as expected. Jesus ends the parable by saying, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” So, what does this mean?

In this parable, Jesus is comparing heaven to a Jewish wedding banquet. This has great significance in Jewish culture. The king is God and He is inviting people to the wedding of his Son, Jesus.  When the king first sends out invitations, he is addressing the expected guests. God first called Israel to the kingdom of heaven, but they refused His invitation. Just as the king had demonstrated forgiveness and willingness to give them a second chance, God gave Israel a second chance. Yet they rejected Him again. God brought harsh judgment to those who rejected Him.

In the parable, the king turned his invitation to everyone. In the same way, God calls everyone to the kingdom of Heaven.  The man that was cast out represents those who portray the Kingdom outwardly but do not have Jesus in their hearts.

While this parable may seem to just be about a king trying to fill the banquet hall at his son’s wedding, it means so much more to those who are called and have answered the call—the chosen few. The important thing to see here is that everyone is welcome, but you must have the willingness to answer the call in becoming a part of the few.

Let’s say a little prayer. Thank you, Lord, for calling me out of the darkness and choosing me to enter into your kingdom. I am not worthy to be one of the few, yet you called anyway. May we always be willing to accept the blessings you have promised for the few.


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