About the Book

More than the place, war devastates people and lives. War does not discriminate. It ravages all lives—military, civilian, the rich, the poor, the old, and the young.

Carl Busby Sr. experienced firsthand the suffering brought about by the war. He reflects upon his experiences during his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Poems from the Sand II captures through verses the anxiety, the fear, the sorrow, the relief, and the joy felt by the survivors of the Iraq War.

About the Author

Carl Busby Sr. earned his degree in mathematics at the Texas Southern University. For fifteen years, he worked in management for several companies. He started a new career in the government, and in 1995, he was recognized for being an outstanding achiever.

When opportunity came knocking, Carl took it and traveled to Kuwait. He stayed there with his group before moving to the holy city of Babylon. He and his group soon moved to Diwaniyah, south of Baghdad. There, Carl began writing poems about his experiences.



  • I Am a Soldier
  • I’ve lost a few friends in this treacherous fight,
  • Unaware of the obstacles that they faced during the night.
  • We share a common bond and back each other,
  • Regardless of the creed or color, we are all blood brothers.
  • Sometimes I wonder if what we are doing is right,
  • Then I remember the bodies from the insurgent plight.
  • They don’t want any peace in this land you see,
  • They have no guilt about killing themselves or me.
  • So we adorn the uniform, the helmet and vest,
  • Then we proceed out the gate to our next great test.
  • We go down on our knees with our heads bowed and say,
  • Lord help us make it through just one more day.