Realizing the Power of Prayer

God touches us through the incredible power of prayer


power of prayer


The power of prayer is unquantifiable. However, even if we don’t see this power with our naked eyes, we can still understand its value.


The true power of prayer usually manifests when all seems lost. Have you or someone you know ever found yourself in financial trouble, left with nothing at all? At the time, you probably thought that there was no more chance. Dying of hunger or homelessness may have even crossed your mind. At some point in the middle of all this, you may have uttered a prayer to God and asked him to help you.


He didn’t give you the money you needed. But after the prayer, a job opportunity came knocking at your door. Or a friend offered you a chance to start a business. Whichever it was you got, both the job and the business offer showed the power of prayer. This sample story represents many impossible situations where God works his miracles. God may not answer our prayers directly, but he answers in the best way he knows.


Another way to understand the power of prayer is God’s answer to our request for safety. Regardless of religiosity, a person in the middle of a life-and-death situation will most likely turn to God. I have experienced this personally and detailed it in one of my poems, That Whistling Sound.


The final count on that day was around ten,

Some thought this day would be their end.

There were men and women, black and white,

We all pitched in and helped on that night.

I prayed to the Lord as I kneeled to the ground,

Again he saved me from that whistling sound.

(Carl Busby Sr., Poems from the Sand II)

The incredible power of prayer is evident when God spares us from danger or harm. It may be easy for nonbelievers to think that avoiding danger is of their own making or that fate is responsible. However, those whose faith in God is strong knows that he is the one always protecting us. He acknowledges the prayers we offer him by granting us our safety.


Lastly, we are able to recognize the power of prayer through its capacity to change us. People should know that prayers are not always wishes or pleas to God. A prayer’s main role is for it to be a conversation between us and the Almighty. Not everyone has the time to go to church, but everyone can say a prayer whenever they want to.


We can always tell God our frustrations, our heartbreaks, and our darkest secrets. We may not realize that he answers these concerns, but he works his way. Did you ever tell God about that annoying person on your daily commute? Your extended patience for that person is God’s way of transforming you. He does not make the person less annoying, but he makes you a better individual.


Understanding the power of prayer rests on our faith in God. Believe that he is always listening and that in some form, he will respond.


My book called Poems from the Sand II has a collection of my poems based on my experiences. You can check that out if you’re interested in topics like this. If you have something to share in the power of prayer in your life, we can talk about it through any of my channels. I’m on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.




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