Being Faithful to the Plan of God

Trusting That Everything Is Part of God’s Plan


plan of God


An important key to living life is believing the plan of God for us. The tricky part is that no one knows exactly what those plans are, making it hard to trust them in the first place. That is where faith comes in. We should offer our doubts to him and know that everything he does is for our sake. Here are simple ways to build faith in God’s plan:


Build a Relationship with God

The space you give God in your life matters in building a relationship with him. If you only allocate a small portion, then it will be harder to form a relationship. However, if you choose to let God play a big part in your life, then trusting his plans will be easier. A relationship with him will allow for a deeper understanding of what he wants for you in your life.


Follow the Things You Know God Wants

Even if we don’t know God’s exact plans, there are things he wants from us. These things are detailed in the Bible. Make a habit of reading God’s Words and try to abide by his laws. Love God, honor your mother and father, and do not conform to evil desires are only some of the commands he wants us to follow.


Talk to Him

Praying to God is the best way to get closer to him. The Bible tells us that our God is merciful and commands us to seek for us to find. Hence, if we pray for him to reveal his plans, God will answer us eventually. It may not be a direct “this is what I want you to do,” but it will come in different signs and ways.


Make Use of What You Have

The talents and skills we have are no coincidence. Those things are part of God’s plans for us and we should make the most use of them. We should pick up on these signs. Did God bless you with the confidence and finesse in public speaking? Then maybe the plan of God for your life is to spread his word to as many people as possible. Did God shower you with financial wealth? Then maybe his plans are for you to share what you have to those who need it. Maximize what God has provided for you and you are one step closer to knowing his plans.


Trust Everything to Him

It is important to realize that the plan of God for mankind is not a one-time thing. Instead of it being a simple endgame, his plan encompasses the rest of our lives. Hence, the things that happen now are already little aspects of the bigger picture. Whether good or bad, we must trust everything to him.

I detail a point in my life where I was able to fully offer my faith in his plans through my poem, “The Midnight Run” from Poems from the Sand II:

I looked toward the heavens and asked God why,

Then I lowered my head and said goodbye.

They left the camp to fight on this distant land,

Some say it is all in the Almighty plan.

It was off they went on this Iraq sod,

I hope that they all made their peace with God.

Offering our trust won’t always be easy, but it is the only way to understand the plan of God.


If you are fond of contemplating things like this in life, my book called Poems from the Sand II is filled with such reflections. We can also engage in conversation through my FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.




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