Overcoming Sadness When No One Cares

What to Do When No One Cares


no one cares

We all go through hard moments in life. But one of the hardest a person could experience is the feeling of loneliness when no one cares. I express these emotions in my poem, “No One Cares.”


Another holiday has passed me by,

And no one called, not even to say hi.

I sat by the phone all day long,

Just wondering what was really going on.

I didn’t expect a flood of calls,

But what’s with that, not one at all.

I came to work on the next day,

Still, there was nothing that came my way.


I will try to forget and let it go,

This steam is building inside, and I’m ready to blow.

I must get it together and not be down,

Put a smile on my face and remove the frown.


When you feel alone and no one cares, it is easier to think that you are worthless. I experienced this firsthand. Other negative thoughts I had about myself would flow freely—“Am I really not that likeable enough?” or “Am I not worth the company of a true friend?” or even “How bad of a person could I be?”

While giving in to these negative emotions seems the only way out, it is not. Push yourself to overcome the sadness, as I did.


It’s ok, I will get through all of this,

Flatten out my hand and unclench my fist.

I guess this is the test of “through thick and thin,”

I’ll bring it to a closure and let it all end.


Rather than allow the sadness to consume me, I have managed to choose acceptance. It is not easy, but it is doable. You can embrace this attitude too by following any of these steps:

  1. Know that feeling like no one cares is not forever. Like any other emotion, feeling sad over others’ actions won’t last. When we understand this, the sooner we get to move on. Other events in life will replace this loneliness with other ones.
  2. Channel your sadness through other means. It is okay to feel sad. These negative emotions are integral to our lives because it makes us appreciate the good things. What we can do when we feel down is try to channel those negative emotions through other platforms. What I did was translate this feeling into a poem. If writing makes you feel better, then you can try that as well. Others would go with exercise and training. What matters is, you flush the sadness out by healthy means.
  3. Accept the fact that we cannot force others to care. Another way to embrace this truth is being realistic. It is a fact of life that others just really don’t care, and we can’t force them to do otherwise. When we internalize this, we can manage our expectations. Expecting too much from others will only disappoint us.
  4. Be the one to reach out. If others won’t do it, why not us? This is a very simple solution yet very proactive and forward. Feeling sad when no one cares may be brought about by the mind-set that others should really care about us when in fact it is not anyone’s responsibility. Caring is a voluntary action and should not be imposed as a duty. If others do not care, that does not mean we cannot too.

Keep these simple steps in mind so you will be more at peace with yourself.


My book, Poems from the Sand II, is a collection of poems on my experience. I am hoping that the book is good companion when you’re feeling down and no one cares. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads so we can talk about loneliness and more.



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