Showing Gratefulness to Others

How to Show Gratefulness for Others’ Bravery



Showing gratefulness to others should be an essential aspect of life, but oftentimes it is neglected. Perhaps saying a simple thank-you for a kind gesture may sound trivial. However, no matter the situation, we should always express gratefulness for even the smallest things.

This is what I realized as I wrote my poem, “Standing Guard.” Below is an excerpt:


When nighttime arrives and we all go to sleep,

The soldiers stand steadfast to make sure the bad guys don’t creep.

We wake up early at the dawn of day,

Unaware of anything that might have come our way.

We say that each of us has to do a part,

But the enlisted joined because it was in their heart.

These brave men and women come from all across the land,

They all met up in this desert sand.

I do what I can to have peace in my heart;

At least, I believe that it is a start.

There is nothing that can replace a life or limb,

Especially from those making a decision based on a whim.


It is common for us to go about our daily lives without thinking about other people. We think it’s fine because every one of us has our own problems to deal with. Yet what we overlook is somewhere, somehow other people are doing us a favor—something good and great—without us even acknowledging it.

The soldiers I talk about in my poem are the best examples. We sleep safely in our own homes, kissing our families good night before bedtime. Oceans away, these soldiers are fighting for their lives and their country, away from their own loved ones. Their sacrifice is the price for our safety. They risk their lives so we are out of harm’s way. These are the people to whom we must offer our gratefulness.

How to show gratefulness to people, who are miles away from us and ones whom we do not even know, shouldn’t be something too grand. And it’s true, we can express our gratitude in our own little way. In my case, I offer a prayer for their safety and protection for the massive efforts soldiers make. At face value, it may not be much; but if more people offer their own prayers, the results will be powerful.

There are many other things we should worry about, but we must not forget to be grateful. Personally, I keep in mind that showing my gratefulness will go a long way for someone, and that counts for something.


Gratefulness is a recurring theme in my poems. Pick up Poems from the Sand II and be filled with gratefulness. Visit my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads pages and let’s talk.



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