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Poems from the Sand II

New Poetry Collection Examines Daily Challenges of Americans Serving in War-Torn Iraq

Halfway around the world, ordinary husbands, wives, sons and daughters are risking their lives day in and day out to help make a better life for the people of Iraq. For these civilians and members of the military, it can be a struggle just to make sense of the experience.

In his new book, Poems from the Sand II (published by Litfire Publishing), Carl R. Busby Sr. brings understanding and insight to the adventurous journey of living and working in the desert in the midst of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Written during Busby’s service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Poems from the Sand II comes from the heart of an inspirational soul who captures the smiles and tears that come with living a life – foreign in so many ways – that could not possibly be imagined back home. These poems depict the connection and disconnection between people … the happiness, joys, promises, mysteries, lies … all that life encompasses.

Consider this passage from “I Am A SOLDIER”:

I’ve lost a few friends in this treacherous fight,
Unaware of the obstacles that they faced during the night.
We share a common bond and back each other,
Regardless of the creed or color, we are all blood brothers.
Sometimes I wonder if what we are doing is right,
Then I remember the bodies from the insurgent plight.
They don’t want any peace in this land you see,
They have no guilt about killing themselves or me.
So we adorn the uniform, the helmet and vest,
Then we proceed out the gate to our next great test.
We go down on our knees with our heads bowed and say,
Lord help us make it through just one more day.

Carl R. Busby Sr. began writing when he arrived in Iraq in 2004, reflecting on things he saw and heard on a daily basis. Poems from the Sand II is his second book.

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